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9/26/2010: Donate button has been added, use it if you like the add-ons created by DoughBree Design

9/26/2010: Here you'll find a list of all bugs I'm aware of and that will be hopefully fixed in the final release.

1) NAV1 is missing second decimal digit
2) Automatic COM freq. tuning doesn't work [*]
3) Wrong size of 2D panels i.e. the radio stack [*]
4) Lighting control is too simple and tied to only two controls
5) The artificial horizon plane in the attitude indicator turns the oposite direction [*]
6) Elevator control is too insensitive [*]
7) Dark screen after engaging lights and switching views
8) Dawn/Dusk texture transparency problem with landing lights on
9) eyepoint should be a few centimeters lower [*]
10) Canopy texture from VC interferes with some addon scenery lights
11) Sinking front wheel while braking
12) Lithuanina fictional repaint missing panel lines on wings
13) Ejection while taxiing [*]
14) Rudder trim animation issue [*]
15) Missing ailerons from VC [*]
16) Master Caution light disappears, when power switched off [*]
17) Last digit rounding problem of Com Radio [*]

Suggested improvements
1) Pilots
2) Saphire turbine sound for startup
3) wing pilons [*]
4) covers, chocks etc... [*]
5) Flight manual

[*]-already fixed for final release

9/2/2010: L-39C beta for Fs2004 is available for download in the corresponding section. (Download).


2/6/2010: A bit of statistics
While working with gmax a couple days ago, I noticed that it has been almost 3 years since I opened the program for the first time and 2 years since i started the L-39C for fs9/fsX project.
I made a chart mapping the hours spent with gmax and albatros over time:)


Altogether some 670hrs, just a rough number. The numbers come from analyzing the folder where I save the model version periodically. Not included is xml programming and flight model editing and there are still tens of hours of work untill fs9 beta, so I expect the total time to be around 1000 hours. I think the result is definitely going to be worth downloading:)

Nobody likes statistics, here are some more pics;-)
cockpit cockpit

11/1/2009: current state

8/17/2009: Gallery of wallpapers featuring Albatros

7/24/2009: 3D cockpit for L-39 is growing
pic1 pic2 pic3

4/18/2009: L-159A for FsX is available in the download section.

4/4/2009: Z-137T for FsX is available in the download section

3/7/2009: Ok, I've got something done, so I decided to share some screens to keep you updated (gallery). This time I am also including status information about what is left to do:

  • aproximately 12x 3D gauges with proper ilumination
  • something like 10 levers and 20-30 switches all working properly
  • over half of interior parts and most interior textures
  • now multiply all that by two for the rear cockpit
  • second set of crew in military style for outside view
  • a couple more repaints

That looks like at least 200 hours to me. So the release date depends on how soon I am going to have 20 free days all added up. For FsX version I guess I'll need another life :D but I'll get it done no matter what. If you have FsX and enough money I recomend buying payware L-39C at Lotus (when it's finished) it's looking really sweet. The parallel projects at DoughBree design are currently: FsX version of L159A and Z137T.

2/7/2009: The Z137T for fs9 is now available in the download section (now with crop dusting equipment). The FsX vesion will need some time. I am still too busy to make serious progress with my sim projects.

1/3/2009: pf2009

12/21/2008: I removed the video that used to be here from youtube, it was not that great without music:-) Anyway the original can be downloaded here. (60MB)

11/17/2008: Thanks to one day off I could make little progress and also upload two new galleries. It's the second gallery of albatros which is still waiting for a virtual cockpit. Zlin Z137T is in similar condition, it is going to be a port over from my AI version. Gallery here. I also had to change the deadlines, nice think I can. Unfortunately there are deadlines I have to make in my studies at the two universities I am enrolled in. Thanks for your patience, it's going to be worth the wait.

9/24/2008:The "real stuff" is almost finished and waiting for the powerplant. First flight expected in spring next year. (Gallery). The current WIP is conversion of L-159A for FsX (Gallery). The main reason is bad glass material in VC of the Fs9 version in FsX. While at it I am also adding bump maps and such. The use of FsX SDK means rebuilding the whole Gmax file, a lot of time and a lot of new problems. L-39 will be getting pilots soon.

8/24/2008: Both counters here show a total of over 13 000 visits. Thank you!!! Right now I am modeling the real stuff, but L-39C and others will get their time too.

8/5/2008: Back again and as you might have noticed I made a few little changes to the layout and appearance. Please report any browser incompatibility in the guestbook. The new layout is only available in english, czech version should arrive soon. New L-39C development screenshots will be also delivered.

6/14/2008: The website was getting outdated and difficult to follow. This "design" is a temporary solution. The development of current project has been suspended for the time being due to my trip, but will be resumed together with the site update when I get back from California. This should not affect the release date of the albatros. gallery here will not be updated for that period.

5/3/2008: The AI plane Z137T will be released a bit later. The attention is focused on L-39C albatros. Visit the WIP gallery here.

4/11/2008: The project L-159A has been completed. You can download it at the usual place. It will be available elsewhere soon. The planes in development are the L-39C and Z-137

3/9/08: Recently I found a weird website about the project L159A. I am not sure if the content is actually legal without my authorization. But it for sure contains inaccurate and made up information. Here it is: UPDATE: The author of the website probably got this message and corrected it. Thanks

The final release of L-159 A is comming closer. I managed to continue working on it.

2/15/08: Due to my lack of free time and because of the vast number of planned changes, the release date of L-159A is uncertain. I am sorry for that. I will try hard to make some progress soon.

1/31/2008 0:45 : Public beta released today. In the package you will find 5 payload versions of L159A. No documentation yet.

1/10/2008: L 159A coming soon, check out the release date in the usual place.

12/14/2007: I am finaly working on the A version of the L159. The phototextures are coming out fine so don't forget to check out the gallery. Thank You for your votes in the poll below.


10/29/2007- nothing's up. The only team member is working on an RC plane, waiting for the right mood to start the "A" version development.



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