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Aircraft Downloads:

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Title: Aero Vodochody L-39C BETA

released: 9/2/2010

info: The project has finally reached it's end after several years. This is public beta. If you found any bugs not mentioned in homepage, report them in the guest book.


Download (31MB) downloaded times

(Source file Gmax, Paintkit)

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  alca set

Title: Aero Vodochody L-159A

released: 4/18/2009


  • all L-159A for fs2004 features
  • bumpmaps, selfshadowing etc...
  • made with FsX SDK

Download (24.2MB)

downloaded times

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Title: Zlin Z137T "Turbocmelak" for FsX

release date: 4/4/2009 (Gallery)


  • the same features as in Fs9 version
  • made with FsX SDK
  • bump maps and shades
  • tested with FsX Acceleration


Download (5.34MB) downloaded times

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Title: Zlin Z137T "Turbocmelak"(Gallery)

release date: 2/7/2009


  • Simple model low on polygons
  • Photo textures
  • Simple virtual cockpit for fun flying
  • all standard animations
  • NEW- crop dusting equipment

Download (4.00MB) downloaded times

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  alca set

Title: Aero Vodochody L-159A (Gallery)

released: 4/11/2008


  • all L-159B features
  • enhanced flight dynamics based on users feedback
  • detailed VC
  • Fixed Gauges
  • Selection of armament
  • VOR to VOR navigation, autothrottle
  • almost twice as much polygons as in L159B
  • phototexture
  • and much more ....

Download (16.4MB)

downloaded times

Wallpaper 1280x1024 (783kb)

Wallpaper II 1280x1024 (315kb)


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Title: Aero Vodochody L-159B (Screenshots)

Released: 9/21/07 current version: 1.0b


  • Model in Gmax 1.2
  • 4 levels of detail (LOD) main model having 9000 polies, (VC 5k, LOD_75 6k)
  • Realistic gear, control surfaces, flaps, canopy, spoiler, trim and strut animation
  • Landing, taxi, anti-collision, nav and cabin lights working
  • Detailed clickable virtual cockpit
  • 2D panel with 22 custom made gauges for L-159
  • 2x MFD "glass cocpit"
  • Automatic spoilers active if speed exceeds max Mach
  • Contrails coming from flap tips in specific conditions
  • Surface with dynamic reflection and shine spots
  • Custom made flight dynamics
  • "Pilot-in-Mind" controls, virtual ergonomics

Version 1.0b arrived. Many issues have been fixed, plus new functions added!

Download (35.3MB) - downloaded times

WALLPAPER 1024x768 (183kB)

User Guide


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Title: Aero Ae 270 IBIS for AI traffic


  • All standard animation
  • Fully working lights, flaps, gear...
  • Realistic reflection, detailed textures
  • both AI and non-AI versions w/ C208 2D panel
  • doesn't contain soundset or virtual cockpit
  • released: 6/6/ 2007

Download (515kB) downloaded times


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